Our Kadey Krogen Trawler

Our Kadey Krogen Trawler

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Happy Holiday Travels

Happy Holiday Travels

OK, I know the blog has been on an extended vacation.  There is really no excuse although I could mention the illness that plagued me during our travels or the one that caught me on my return.  I can’t even blame the work on the projects Steve has been doing on the boat….. so sorry.  

Here are the highlights of the past couple of months.
For the holidays we travelled OUT WEST!  Our first stop was Paul and Amanda’s cozy apartment on Capitol Hill.  We can testify to why their hospitality has resulted in a flood of guests.  We ate well both at home and among various Seattle eateries.  The walks and tours included urban nooks and icons as well as parks and trails. The weather – much Colder & Wetter than our normal Florida temps – did not deter us… much.

Our boating rain gear did get a work out.  The kids also treated us to a performance at the famed Paramount Theater where we enjoyed the slightly irreverent “Book of Mormon”.  A happy holiday and as always a treat to spend time with these grown up KIDS!

Our travels also included visits with many of Steve’s siblings where we also enjoyed yummy meals, cordial chats, and scenic walks.

Nancy & Craig

Kathy & Howard

Mike & Linda hosted a huge family meal - a chance to see (but not photograph) all the kids and even their grands!

Susan & Dick entertained us both on their floating home and in their new land home. Both places have fantastic – although different – views.  Our arrival at the new home could have been less dramatic. If we had managed to make it there in the daylight, we might have missed the wrong turn that GARMIN directed, dropping us down a steep muddy trail. Fortunately there was a less hilly – exit and the evening ended better than it started. The neighbor may still be wondering about those tire tracks in his yard!

Although we were not able to see all our “old” friends or even family in the area, we managed a delicious lunch and dessert with Lynette and LaVonne while in Seattle.  They spent time with us a few years ago in Marathon, FL so it was our chance to tour their homes in the charming West Seattle neighborhood.  It will be much easier to imagine them basking in retirement now that we have seen their lovely homes. As a special treat they dropped us at the water taxi for our return to downtown. Thankfully the weather permitted a walk up the hill to burn off some of the calories we had been consuming!

After Steve returned to FL and the long list of boat projects, I took a side trip to California.  Sister Mary picked me up and drove me around to visit both Sister Nora and her husband Ray, as well as Brother Steve and his wife Toni and finally Aunt Louise - to check out her new apartment at Freedom Village.  We logged some miles in a short week all at a very busy time in Mary’s life.  She is in the midst of planning a wedding and cleaning, sorting and packing for the move to Oregon.  On our travels up North, Steve and I had lunch with Mary and her BILL.  Everyone is excited for them both and I was grateful she manage to find time in her hectic schedule to spend some time with me.